a Cubs win means more curses are ready to be broken.


For those of you – like me – who don’t necessarily follow baseball and you might have sworn off all media for 2016 (not a bad idea, in hindsight) the Chicago Cubs just won the World Series after a comeback, a rain delay, and a 108-year “curse” hanging over their heads. A curse that said no matter how hard the Cubs tried or how dedicated their fans were, they would never quite achieve what they wanted to… except when Wednesday happened and it was shattered. For-ev-er.

Curses get a lot of credit they don’t deserve. It’s easy to justify crappy situations by pointing to something beyond our control, like a curse, and shifting all blame to it. I made a joke the other day with a friend that my dating life is cursed by me being the one before the One (has only been true once…maaaaybe twice, but it made us both laugh). It’s easy to say “unlucky” or chalk a bad situation up to being cursed rather than face the fact that maybe it wasn’t our turn. Or maybe we didn’t have the faith & patience & perseverance to break the curses weighing us down ourselves. 

In the words of Michael Scott, “I’m not superstitious, but I’m a little stitious.” Some things in life truly just happen, but I don’t want to credit life’s magic moments to just coincidence. It’s the victories, the W’s, that we need to lift up on our shoulders and hoist in the air. Let’s give them the facetime instead of the curses. Things like a 108-year-old curse being broken deserve to be celebrated more than just another mark in history. They deserve parties and parades, the toasts and speeches written about their long time coming, and they deserve to be recognized as on purpose. Things like the Cubs winning the World Series make me hopeful that all curses are just waiting to be broken by a group of ordinary people with extraordinary callings. 

This is not a political post. I promise I will not say the names of Those Who Must Not Be Named. But 2016 has made me cynical, and I’m not the only one. There has been a lot of disappointment in the state of the world and it can make a gal feel blue. Instead of letting all of the things going wrong dictate what we speak about 2016, I vote that we start talking about all the curses that were shattered this year because that’s what really matters. 

There are victories happening all around – like human trafficking busts and documentaries like 13TH being brave enough to tell the truth and love stories of people pledging stick by each other for better OR worse. These are the stories worth celebrating and telling our grandbabies about one day. Stories of hope breed dreamers, and we need more of those in our lives to grow up to be the curse breakers of the future. 

I believe in people, regardless of how unqualified and imperfect they are. I will root for the underdog and I will bet against all odds for the One to change the game. We give curses too much credit because it just takes one win, one person, one ruling, one change to shut it down forever. Even if it takes awhile, they always come to an end if you’re patient enough to keep the faith that promises curses are only temporary. So let’s keep the hope and let the rest of 2016 be a year of the W. 

Author: Emily Flanagan

I’m a homebody who is prone to wander and give unsolicited pep talks.

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