two thoughts.

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Preface: I am not a musician, however I am a “stomp-your-feet-and-sing-along-because-you-can” kind of person. If you need a harmony to back you up, let me know. Keeping that in mind, this is not about to be an album review but rather more of a late night commentary on the present state I’m in.

Joseph sang at my favorite college dive bar a few years back and since the moment they stepped on stage I was hooked. These sisters have a sound that is beyond this world. Their melodies don’t make you greedy for their talent, but they leave you thankful for the gift it is to stand and listen and join with them in a special moment of experiencing something only they can do. I’ll continue to fangirl about them for as long as they keep making music – which is for a long time, I hope!

Have you ever listened to a song that is so applicable to your life at the moment that you had to stop everything you’re doing just to hear it? Well Joseph recently released a new record and today as I streamed it on my car ride home I had to pull over and stop to listen to their song “Honest”.  There’s a line that says:

There’s always two thoughts one after the other – I’m alone, no you’re not. I’m alone no you’re not. – Honest, Joseph

After a full year of waiting, I packed up my bags and moved to a new city. A familiar city, but a new one nonetheless. There are few times in my life where I have been so certain that where I am is exactly where I am meant to be, which is exciting! But these two thoughts keep coming: I’m alone, no you’re not. I’m alone no you’re not.

Every twenty-something has probably experienced these two thoughts at some point. We’re saturated with various social medias and technology that’s forcing us to be connected to everyone all the time, and yet we still go home and sleep alone at the end of the day. We walk through life filtered to prove to the world that we’re okay, even if we’re scared out of our freaking minds because we don’t know what the hell we’re doing or how to even get “home” without using Google Maps. It gets old, you get tired, and the two thoughts come – I’m alone, no you’re not.

I think a shift in a person’s life can lead them through this series of unpacking the boxes of what they have known. Moving is more than just physical, there’s a mental processing period where you have to marry where you’ve been with where you are. Some things you bring with you make sense and they stick almost immediately. But some things feel uncomfortable in the new space even though you were once so sure of them.  You begin to doubt what was once true.

Change unwraps truth.

I’m alone, no you’re not. I don’t think we as humans would ever seek truth if we never experience doubt. That’s the whole point isn’t it? The experience of doubt is just the beginning of a greater desire to know what is true.

It’s true that you as a person are alone. No one has been in your brain and experienced life exactly the way you have. There is only one you. This is fact: I’m alone.

No you’re not. But I am not alone ever ever ever. My community might look different than what I’ve experienced and I can’t wander into my roommates’ room for a glass of wine and a ukulele jam session after a long day, but I’m not alone. There’s a million people around me experiencing similar things and trying to do their best, too. I’ve got a phone full of people to call who are each experiencing their own “alone”.

The two thoughts aren’t a contradiction between doubt and truth, but it’s big truth anthem given from two perspectives.

I used to be scared of my big doubts and worries because I thought they would somehow undo what I had built my life around. Now I’m seeing that this process of unpacking doubt is leading me into deeper truth as a whole. It’s a long to-do list of ripping tape off of boxes and unraveling, but ultimately the new space will start to feel more like home again.

I’m alone, no you’re not.

The two thoughts keep coming and it’s quite beautiful and messy all at once. So now that you’ve read my vague and ambiguous thoughts, go check out I’m Alone, No You’re Not from Joseph and be reminded that we’re all one tribe trying to find our way back Home.

Author: Emily Flanagan

I’m a homebody who is prone to wander and give unsolicited pep talks.

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